About Jennifer Erlinger

 Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida, I am proud of my Florida roots. I attended and graduated from St. Petersburg High School-International Baccalaureate Program where I received a number of academic honors and awards.  

University of Florida

After high school, I attended the University of Florida, , where I focused my studies on Political Science. I began working for statewide campaigns as a result of these studies, including the campaigns of Charlie Crist.  My involvement in statewide politics grew, and inspired me to continue my studies in law school.

I also began teaching test preparation to help students to increase their scores on standardized tests during my undergraduate studies. I instructed students on all aspects of tests ranging from the SAT, ACT, Law School Admissions Test, GRE, and GMAT.  This passion for helping others to achieve their goals and exercise gratitude for the opportunities that I have been provided has only increased over my lifetime.


At Stetson University, I greatly enjoyed the freedom to focus on my studies in the field of trial advocacy.  Early in my law school education, I became fascinated with courtroom work and the ability to advocate on behalf of a client. As one the top ranked advocacy centers in the United States, I geared my coursework in trial work and litigation skills. I earned not only my Juris Doctor, but also received a Certificate of Concentration for my achievements in honing my written and oral advocacy skills.

In addition, I also added a vigorous course load in business to obtain my Master’s in Business Administration from Stetson University. I took on this endeavor to be able to provide the best advice from all angles to my clients, given the variety of their needs.


After law school, I served as an Assistant State Attorney, where I prosecuted criminal matters, ranging from misdemeanor to felony charges.   After which, I moved on to become an Assistant Attorney General where I litigated child support cases in Title IV-D cases, dealing with issues like paternity, imputation of income, calculation of child support, enforcement of child support order, and other related matters.  I also worked as a Guardian Ad Litem where I represented foster children aging out of the Florida foster care system, and ensuring that they were ready to become vital members of our community. I also worked for the Attorney General’s Office, as the Advocate for the Commission on Ethics.  In this role, I worked to ensure that the public officials and employees of the State of Florida were following ethical practices in their jobs.    It was both a privilege and honor to serve my community during my tenure as a prosecutor and a Guardian Ad Litem. 

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At Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A., I primarily handle family law, criminal defense, and administrative law cases. I represent individuals from all parts of the community and from all walks of life.  When liberty and justice are at stake for an invididual, it is important to have an attorney by your side to protect and defend your rights.  It is my honor to stand in court and have the duty and responsibility to advocate on behalf of my clients. 

Sunshine State

I am very proud of my Florida roots, education, and advocacy of those in need of his services. I am also thankful for my family, clients, friends, colleagues, and wonderful community. 

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